Saturday, January 19, 2008

Safety Alert: Eastern Parkway, Franklin & Classon (77th Precinct)

Posted by Pat G on's Prospect Heights forum:

At 6' 3'' 200 lbs, I'd thought for a long time that I'd be the last target of a mugging, but it happened the other night. Eastern Parkway, midway b/t Classon and Franklin, about 6.30 at night. I'd long ago stopped wearing the ipod at night, but I was still being dumb about the cell phone. I was tackled from behind, cell phone went flying, two guys, one front, one back. I didn't get hurt, just loss some cash, the phone (which they're still using), and a chunk of my dignity.

The police, who, overall, were great, drove me around for a couple hours, pointing out all the people who were doing the same thing as me--cell phones, ipods, prime targets. So be careful. They said they're going after white males with greater frequency. But everyone should keep their eyes open.

The assailants were two black males, ages 18-22. The guy I got the best look at was around 5-9, 5-10. The guy behind me was about the same height as me. It's winter, so they had parkas on, hoods up, no masks or anything like that.

It all happened so fast, but I was really struck by how perfectly they timed it. As I stood on the sidewalk, pissed as hell, watching them run and then walk away, stealing glances over their shoulders, I realized that there wasn't anyone within 100 yards either way. Naturally, I've been looking now and noticed that even at that time there are moments and places where you can have that big a gap. And maybe I wouldn't see anything a hundred or so yards up unless I was looking. Which I will be now.

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Aki said...

I live between Franklin and Classon, closer to Classon, on side of the street opposite the museum.

Sorry but can you please tell me approximately what address you were in front of when this happened? What side of the street were you on?

I walk down the street at least 2X day everyday. Nothing has ever happened to me or my partner in the 12 years that our white selves have lived here. I walk down the street with my ipod and cell phone all the time, passing teens who looked lik you describe everyday.

Petty crime is definitely up all over the city. Maybe we should try to help these teenage boys find alternative activities besides being punks. If we can figure out who these punks were, we can get hold of the best anti-crime prevention technique: their mamas.

Hope you're doing better now.