Friday, January 25, 2008

Mugger caught: St. Marks, Franklin/Bedford (77th Precinct)

From's Crown Heights forum:
Last night (1/24) [around 7 - 8 pm] while rescuing a cat with a bad neck wound, a man yelled out. We asked if he was alright. he replied that he was okay but just got mugged. The perp was heading west toward Franklin when we gave chase. Called 911, friend chased and called.

Within minutes police cars, unmarked vans were there!! Perp was amazed that he was still being chased as he was apprehended on Franklin 4 blocks south.

Some guy on the street said how "f***ed" it was that the guy got caught.

I was exuberant that our involvement helped get this piece of crap off the street even for a little while.

The guy who got mugged found his phone and ipod dumped near the mugging site. I hope he presses charges.

Score one for the good guys. Thank God for all the police in our neighborhood right now. All it takes for evil to happen is for good people to do nothing. Get involved.

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