Saturday, December 29, 2007

Brooklyn Gets 600 New Operation Impact Officers

Above graphic & excerpt from the Daily News:

The NYPD is sending 1,800 rookies to patrol high-crime pockets that have resisted the overall crime drop, officials said Wednesday as they announced the city is poised to have the fewest murders in 44 years.

One third of the officers - some 600 cops - will be deployed in hot spots in six Brooklyn precincts starting tomorrow.

From the New York Times:

Of the 76 police precincts in New York, there were 6 that showed slight increases in overall crime, officials said. Of those, four were in Brooklyn — the 73rd, 77th, 79th and 84th Precincts; one in Queens, the 101st Precinct; and one on Staten Island, the 122nd Precinct.

Mr. Kelly said that about one-third of the 1,800 officers in the program would be sent to central Brooklyn precincts: the 70th, 71st, 73rd, 75th, 77th and 79th. Also, 45 officers will be assigned to northern Brooklyn as Impact Response Team officers, a flexible component within Operation Impact where the borough commander has the option of using the officers as he sees fit.

From Newsday:

The program will focus primarily on several precincts in Brooklyn, where violent crime has gone up even as it fell throughout the rest of the borough. For example, in the 79th Precinct, which covers the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, shootings were up 26 percent this year, Kelly said.

Along Nostrand Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant Wednesday, community reaction to the prospect of a flood of new uniformed recruits on the street was mixed.

"There is a lot of racial profiling, and I'm afraid there will be more harassment," said Diane Graham, 51, a social worker and longtime resident.

But Kato Bryant, 59, a barber who has lived in the area for 35 years and who is a member of the 79th Precinct Community Council, says visible police presence is the backbone of any stable neighborhood.

"You need the police officers like you need the church," Bryant said. "Police officers, the church minister -- this is what makes up the community."

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