Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Safety Alert: Prospect Heights Burglaries

From the Brooklynian.com Prospect Heights Forum:

Sterling 2000: Yesterday afternoon [Thursday 3/13/08] there was an attempted burglary in our building on Sterling Place (btwn. Washington & Underhill). The perps entered via an alley fire escape and broken window security gate, only to be surprised by the owner arriving home and opening the door. The perps fled via said window, fire escape and alley path and the authorities were called.

I felt this worth reporting to the group as there have been other alleyway and fire escape enabled shenanigans lately. Play it smart -- keep your windows closed and yer eyes open.

Dee Dee: Sounds like the same perps that just burglarized an apartment in my building on Park Place between Flatbush and Vanderbilt. They came in through the fire escape on the alley side of the building at about 9am on weekday and made off with a computer and I-Pod. Local detectives said that there have been a rash of these kinds of burglaries in the area. They suspect a group of teenage boys. So, make sure all of your windows are secure and keep your eyes open.

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