Saturday, February 16, 2008

UPDATE on murder of Murat St. Hilaire (77th Precinct)

Updated information about this incident.

NY Post Daily Police Blotter
Friday 2/15/07

A Prospect Heights man was fatally stabbed in the head with a corkscrew, cops said yesterday.

Murat St. Hilaire, 55, was found lying on the bedroom floor of his Park Place apartment Tuesday with the corkscrew still embedded in his temple. He'd also been stabbed numerous times and strangled, cops said.

Hilaires' 11-year old daughter and his longtime girlfriend, Carline Renelique, made the gruesome discovery.

"I want justice to be served! Nobody needs to go like that, nobody needs to die like that," said Renelique, who has three children with the victim.

New York Times account here.

WABC-TV report here.

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