Sunday, February 24, 2008

Deputy Inspector Cosgrove Speaks to Community (77th Precinct)

Excerpts from Neene's minutes of the 2/19/08 meeting of the Crow Hill Community Association:
Deputy Inspector John Cosgrove, commanding officer of the 77th Precinct was our guest speaker. He outlined the Impact Zone which consists of 38 officers patrolling the area between Franklin & Nostrand, from Eastern Parkway to Pacific.

There are 14 officers assigned to the day shift: 11:30 am-5:30 pm and 24 to the night shift: 5:30 pm-2am. The officers walk in pairs and the location and timing of these patrols is determined by 1 Police Plaza, not the precinct.

Crime is down 2% for the year to date though robberies continue to be a problem and are up from last year, there have been 75 robbery related arrests since the beginning of the year. Burglaries and auto theft are down. The western side of the precinct is still seeing persistent muggings which seem to be happening mainly between 5-10 pm.

If you see [narcotics] activity on the street or know of [narcotics] activity in a building, REPORT IT. You can call 911 or 311, request anonymity, (say you do not want to talk to the police or have them come to your door), but report it with as much detail as possible: physical description, location, where the drugs are being stashed, time of day, etc.

You can also send information anonymously in writing to the precinct or email the Mayor or Commissioner Kelly. EVERY ONE of these reports gets investigated. The squeaky wheel will get the most oil. This year to date there have been 326 drug related arrests, up 340% from 15 years ago.

If you observe a crime, report it with as much detail as possible:
Full meeting minutes are posted here.

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