Monday, January 19, 2009

17-Year-Old Murdered on Fulton Street (79th Precinct)

On 1/18/09 at approximately 0315 hours I/S/O 1068 Fulton Street, within the confines of the 79 Precinct, police responded to calls of a PERSON SHOT. Upon arrival, police discovered three people with GSWs. EMS responded and transported the injured as followed:
VICTIM #1 - [F/B/17]: GSW to the face - removed to Brooklyn Hospital
where she was pronounced DOA at approximately 0400 hours
from her injuries.

VICTIM #2 - [F/B/18]: GSW (graze) to the leg - removed to KCH in stable condition.
VICTIM #3 - [M/B/17]: GSW (graze) to the hand - removed to KCH in stable condition.
Nyasia Pryer, F/B/17
462 Pine St.

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